X-Academy Initiative – Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

Project Objective 

X-Academy started as a remote learning service branch from CoXplore, co-curated with global instructors (coaches, trainers, consultants) focusing on core soft skills and employability skills that enable remote management. We facilitate a wide range of workshops & training sessions focusing on Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Later in 2021, we also extended the initiative, introducing KidX bootcamp program and FinX academy.

OVIP – Online virtual internship program

We partner with corporates and universities in Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia to organize virtual internship programs for students around Asia-Pacific. Our remote-first approach enables us to work across borders with partners around the globe, from Asia-Pacific to the Nordic (Europe) market, and expanding to America this 2022. At CoXplore, we believe remote work is the future of work.

Join us as a Virtual Assistant

As the a Virtual Assistant, you are expected to multitask in cross-functional remote projects within our ecosystem. Your daily role will extend throughout the department of marketing, sales, tech, administration, operations, etc. This position will be suitable for people who want to focus on overall management skills, rather than any single field specifically. This means that you will get to acquire and learn different skills and knowledge across these business functions.

Additionally, you will gain valuable hands-on experiences in planning, launching, and coordinating of remote projects 100% online along with our remote team. You will also get to work with our international partners around Asia, Europe, Africa, and America

Geographic Focus

Vietnam | Japan | Singapore | Indonesia

Priority Sectors

In partnership with: FPT Corp (Vietnam), Singapore Management University (Singapore), Temasek Poly (Singapore) Binus University (Indonesia), Gakushuin University (Japan)

For project request, please book a meeting with us at or contact [email protected]

To work with us, kindly send your CV to [email protected] 

X-Academy: Virtual Internship Program

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