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Who are we?

About Us

CoXplore is a remote company that assists businesses and individuals with remote management mainly through educational services like training, coaching, and hosting mentorship programs for students whereby hundreds of connections were made between students and mentors during our programs. In addition, CoXplore also provides services such as access to remote workspaces and retreats. 

From being a small remote company in Vietnam with the vision of empowering remote work, to the international network of global partners we have today, CoXplore has expanded and made remote working easier for many organizations and individuals to adapt in the pandemic. From the services we offer to the coaches on-board, partners involved, we strive to empower remote working and make the lives of remote workers easier.

Let's explore why you should join our team!

We believe in productivity, collaboration, diversity, creativity, community, and sustainability. 

At CoXplore, we believe remote work is the future of work. With more responsibilities on our shoulders and technological advancement, we should be able to work and learn remotely from anywhere and at any time. Work spaces should not be geographically limited and should instead shift online to the limitless boundaries.

CoXplore has a flat hierarchy, and everyone is welcoming and friendly. There are two weekly virtual check-in as well as check-out meetings for reflection and mentorship. Interns and students work on real-world projects and challenges to learn by doing. They would not have to be afraid of making mistakes or shy to ask any questions because the hierarchy is flat and supportive. As a result, no one is left behind in our organization. Additionally, CoXplore understands and cares about your physical and mental health. As a result, the workload assigned is manageable.

Internship / Management Training Programs


Some of the programs we organise are internships and management training. Recently, we launched the Enterprise Virtual Internship Program (EVIP) for interns to join the company and discover what it is to work remotely, guided by the CEO and a supportive team around the world. We also work with the best coaches & trainers globally to offer remotely learning & development management consultation for businesses worldwide such as Virtual training, Virtual coaching, and Virtual mentorship.

University Partners Around The World

Our Interns

Day in the Life as a Virtual Intern

Since 2020, CoXplore have hosted multiple virtual internship programs with different focuses that caters to the goals of the universities while aligning to the goal of the company. Interns from Germany, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore actively participated through their universities to learn more about remote working! 


“Virtual Internship was my chance to face my potential skills and also an opportunity to think about my future career. I wanted to soak up as many skills as possible through this Internship, and CoXplore let me do so. I could experience the actual business field from "planning" to "publishing."”
“People I involved through this internship were all highly motivated and inspired me a lot. Especially our supervisor Ms.Hanna gave us a lot of kind feedback which improved my skills in many aspects. Her working style also inspired me and gave me a chance to think about my future career.”
“It also offered us interns more freedom in contrast to the structure we usually abide by in university, which taught us to be proactive, take initiative, and figure out things on our own to get the job done. Overall, doing an OVIP with a startup was a fulfilling journey that I am grateful to have learned from despite being in a pandemic.”
“My internship with CoXplore was an exciting yet eye-opening experience. It was an absolute pleasure to work with brilliant-minded individuals who constantly inspire me to extend beyond my comfort zone. Despite the difficulties of virtual working, everyone still worked hard to support my personal and career development. This sense of community contributed to a fruitful experience!”
“Thanks to Huong, Founder and CEO of CoXplore, I had great opportunities of building professional relationships, and enhancing ability in involving and communicating with people from various backgrounds and disciplines. Also, I love one thing at Coxplore which is no class discrimination between employee and employer, where employer is willing to listen and discuss new ideas, and employees is active to propose ideas. It is undeniable to say that CoXplore is a good starting point in your career”

Undergraduates Prospective

Maxine Itchon was inspired after working at CoXplore and began her own entrepreneurship journey with an online thrift shop marketplace, runwayG. 

After her internship program with us, Sze Rong Tham was motivated and driven to learn, and is now a Solutions Specialist at Microsoft.

Shortly after ending her internship with us, Camille became the senior analyst and sector head of SMUREAL – Real Estate & Alternative Investments.


Student Projects We Support

A challenge for high school students to create a product, service, or communications campaign to promote sustainability.

Promote youth innovation by facilitating communication, showcasing and accelerating their new solutions to build an effective e-government, while creating multilateral dialogue between policymakers and stakeholders.

JunctionX Hanoi – a non-profit and multidisciplinary techcommunity, embracing the goal of bridging the gap between creators by making everyone fall in love with technology. JunctionX Hanoi is run by and for Vietnamese youth that connects and promotes collaboration between tech, design, and business talents to pioneer innovative solutions. The ambitious JunctionX Hanoi community is built to:

  1. Empower youth to use technologies as tools to solve problems and face challenges.
  2. Connect youth national-wide to exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate.
  3. Support youth in the creation and scaling of innovative tech-solution

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