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Share collaborative workspaces with local and international travelpreneurs and freelance videographers/photograpers, bloggers, designers,


Share common living spaces with locals to stay in touch with the locals, be integrated in the local cultures, and learn new things everyday


Stay connected with our local host organizations and program hosts for local guides and frequent updates throughout our retreat programs


Collaborate on multiple local community and media projects to support the location-independent movement, empower women entrepreneurship, and educate the local communities by sharing your skills


Travel in a new way with our remote retreat programs that will guide you through where to work & stay, what to do, who to meet, and where to find local creative and business communities


Connect through our community events including Entrepreneurship Talkshows and Bootcamps Creative Workshops, Skill-share Masterminds, Social hang-outs, Community meet-ups

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Meet The Team

We are a group of travelpreneurs, local travel experts and digital nomads from all around the world

Why CoXplore?

Nowadays, you don’t need to be in an office to get great work done. Location-independent work can be done in a coffee shop, coworking space, or from home.

Everyday, we explore new places and meet new people to work. Why not go explore yourself while exploring the world?

What We Do

We are mobile productivity experts designing remote retreats experiences for freelancers to enjoy co-exploring, co-working, and co-learning by connecting with our community across Asia.

We facilitate remote retreat experiences in Vietnam for location-independent workers including freelancers, remote workers, remote entrepreneurs, and digital nomads.

Our mission is to empower productivity through remote work.

Need Help?

We started CoXplore to solve the problem of people wanting to escape the stressful life of working 9-5, and enjoy a new lifestyle of more productivity, independence and connections.

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