Digital Nomads Asia (DNA) x Vietnam Digital Nomads (VDN)

Project Objective

Digital Nomads Asia (DNA) is a non-profit initiative launched during the Covid-19 pandemic to educate about remote work and the digital nomad lifestyle’s feasibility for people from Asian countries. Every month, we organize online events (meet-up to get together or virtual coworking tours) inviting speakers all around Asia to share the experiences and lifestyles of Digital Nomads from different countries! Through these online sessions, you’ll also learn more about how you can transit from an office-bound to a location-independent lifestyle, as well as the opportunities and values that await you as a Digital Nomad!

About Vietnam Digital Nomads (VDN)

Vietnam Digital Nomad (VDN) is a support community network for remote workers and digital nomads in Vietnam. Our admin group is an all-female team of remote working professionals and online business owners across Vietnam. VDN is a social initiative supported by CoXplore Vietnam in the time of the Coronavirus crisis, both founded by Huong Nguyen and partially funded by the Ministry of Science & Technology, with the aim to support the practice of productive remote work in Vietnam and Asia

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Social Impact

In partnership with: Home Away from Home (Japan), CoCohub (Japan), Global Nomad Summit (India), Nomads Giving Back (U.S), Tropical Nomads Coworking (Indonesia), The Social Story (Australia), TAOHUB (Thailand)

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Digital Nomads Asia (DNA)