Arisa Fukui (Japan)

“I had an unforgettable summer this year. Working together with three co-interns and our greatest supervisors of CoXplore. I was fortunate to work with them and feel their energy and new perspective of business. Virtual Internship was my chance to face my potential skills and also an opportunity to think about my future career. I wanted to soak up as many skills as possible through this Internship, and CoXplore let me do so. I could experience the actual business field from “planning” to “publishing.”

Through this Internship, I was inspired by the people around me: my energetic co-interns, kind and skillful supervisor, and our mature, talented CEO, Ms.Hanna. She always gave us business tips and precise indications as feedback so that we can overcome our shortcomings. CoXplore is a remote work professional with high potential and global minds.

I was honored to work in this company, and I appreciate that they make me improve at high speed. If you are looking for an internship program and want to gain experience in a global company, CoXplore is the best place for you!”

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