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About Us

Remote Culture Consulting Project (RCCP) is an initiative aiming to empower organizations to improve the company culture as they move into remote and hybrid working environments. A positive company culture facilitates social interaction, teamwork and open communication which is significant for an organization to thrive amidst this pandemic. 

With the importance of company culture in mind, the package is crafted with mainly three focuses, Technology, Fitness, and Sustainability.

Why should you join us?

RCCP seeks to partner, collaborate, and integrate business organizations and specialists in order to expand networks for both parties. As an outcome of RCCP, organizations can be assured of broadening their network for potential projects in the near future.

At the heart of RCCP

We want to help companies

  • Ease their employees into the remote working culture 
  • Avoid disadvantages of working remotely (lack of motivation, and a loss of sense of belonging within the company.)

Coaches & Trainers

The coaches, trainers, and mentors are experienced and the best in the world, and are able to: 

  • Provide significant insights 
  • Valuable advice to help your company transition to remote working. 
  • Ensure that employees are in peak physical and mental condition
  • Enhance your business’s productivity, brand image, and unification.

Our Sevices

Technology | Fitness | Sustainability

TechX Products

Best technology companies in the world to co-create the best offerings to help you with working from home effectively.

FitX Services

Even in different geographical regions, everyone can stay fit together, mentally and physically!


Everyone needs to live a sustainable life no matter where they are. 

Our Team

Coaches & Consultants


Heart of RCCP

Who We Are

We believe in remote work, community, positive organizational culture, and communications.

Remote Culture Consulting Project wants to enhance company organizational culture when employees are working remotely. We believe that for one  to produce the best results, one must be in his best form, physically and mentally, feel a strong sense of belonging within a company, and trust the company that they are working for.

We are happy to have the opportunity to work with anyone and everyone to encourage employees to work remotely and empower companies to provide them the opportunity to. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions.

RCCP stands for Remote Culture Consulting Project. 

RCCP connects businesses to innovative technology products to enhance business operations, fitness coaches/ mentors/ trainers to facilitate company exercises or mental health wellness checks, and sustainable services that businesses can acquire.

RCCP is formed by a dedicated team of individuals that believes in remote working and the remote culture.

RCCP ensures business can operate smoothly without interference from remote work.

  1. Contact us via email or make an appointment with us on hubspot!
  2. Arrange a meeting with us to find out more
  3. We will share more details, answer your queries, and explain the package cost
  4. After understanding your requirements and needs, we will recommend and link you to our best coaches and mentors
  5. Work with coaches and mentors to facilitate the project! 

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