Announcement of Social Membership

Announcement of Social Membership

NEW Announcement of Social Membership

We are excited to announce that CoXplore is releasing a new free Social Membership in the time of the Corona crisis, as remote work and social distancing become the new normal across Asia!  Our Social Membership is designed exclusively for remote workers who are working from home or anywhere around the world. Our goal is to support remote workers by providing guides about various topics including health, working from home, time management and many more. Our focus is to bring the community together and offer options for virtual networking and in the future offline networking.

What’s Included:

  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Monthly Member-Only Newsletter
  • Monthly Remote Training Sessions
  • Remote Resources & Guides
  • Matchmaking Opportunities
  • Resources for Remote Team Management/Creation
  • 10% Discount for future Retreats and Offline Events
  • Social Offline future Events/Workshops/Networking*
  • Discount on Affiliate Partners’ Products & Services

At CoXplore, we believe remote work is the future of work. With our new Social Membership, we want to provide our members with the opportunity of having access to remote-working resources, networking opportunities and be able to use our services anywhere in the world.

In the next weeks, we will provide you with new content all around remote working and will give you more of an insight into what our new Social Membership will look like.

Free Membership sign-up at the home page pop-up:
Sign up now and get 2 months for free! You can cancel the Membership at any time.
We are excited to extend our community and support all the remote workers around the world.
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Thanks to our community partners Clickable, LandedVibe, VDEs, and especially Vietnam Digital Nomad – VDN.
VDN is a social initiative supported by CoXplore Vietnam in the time of the Coronavirus crisis, both founded by Huong Nguyen and partially funded by the Ministry of Science & Technology, with the aim to support the practice of productive remote work in Vietnam and Asia.

FAQ – Questions & Answers

  1. What’s in it for the Facebook Group? Our exclusive Facebook Group will give you the chance to get to know the community of remote-workers in various fields and professions. You will have the opportunity to network, ask questions or for help, and much more. CoXplore will keep members informed about new content and features in the Facebook Group, as well as exclusive first access to new projects.
  2. What’s in our Monthly Newsletter? Our monthly newsletter will include remote resources, training sessions, physical and mental health tips. It will vary in the content to provide you with current, relevant and important information all around remote-working. We will collaborate with different experts and companies to provide you the best information and give you an easy overview of what CoXplore is offering.
  3. How will the remote training session work? For our remote training sessions you will be able to join various webinars from remote experts that we are working with. Join the sessions online on Zoom from wherever in the world you are
  4. What will be included in the Remote Resources? We will provide a space for all kinds of remote resources that can be useful for your work and lifestyle. This will include different guides, health kits, webinars and Q&As with experts.
  5. How will the Matchmaking Opportunities work? Our Matchmaking Opportunities will give you the chance to meet people with the same professions and interests for you to network with in either large or small groups. This will also include Remote Jobs & Mentorship.
  6. What will be included in the Leader Feature for Remote Team Management/ Creation? If you are currently leading a remote team or are interested in doing so, we will provide different educational resources, webinars and a platform to find new team members.