Remote-Work Column: Remote Jobs & Companies

Remote-Work Column: Remote Jobs & Companies

With technology getting more and more advanced every day, we also see the way we work evolving. Nowadays there are a lot of jobs and tasks you are able to do anywhere in a world with just your laptop or even your phone. Especially now with the internet you can keep connected with your work colleagues or set up meetings while being at the beach or even in your bed.

Common Remote-Working Jobs

There are two options that you have to establish for yourself first. Do you want to join a company or start-up, or do you want to start your own business? This is a big decision and involves a lot of research especially if you want to start your own business. Another question you have to ask yourself is where you would like to settle down for your job, or if you want to explore the world and travel? Here are some jobs and professional areas, which work the best with working-remotely.
You have a laptop and enjoy writing, then why not make it your work? As a Writer or Editor, you can pretty much work from anywhere even without the internet, until you need to send your work to clients or need to do some research of course. Here you need to be aware though that pro-jects usually do not come knocking at your door, but you need to chase and build your network to be recognized.
Consultant/Data Analyst
Depending on your background and past experience another great field would be consultancy or data analyst. Companies benefit greatly from someone giving them an external perspective on their company and help them optimize their processes through new ideas, data, and observations.
If you have a hobby, skill or knowledge that you love to teach others than why not make it into a business. Depending on which languages you can speak you can pretty much work all around the world and especially with English courses, you will be able to find an audience in pretty much every country.
Web Developer/Computer Programming
Here again, all you need is your laptop. Especially with technology evolving fast, a lot of companies and individual businesses need the help of IT helpers.
Learning more than one language is always very beneficial in the professional world and why not make a living out of it. Either join a company or hunt jobs around the world to help out individuals or any other people by translating texts or conversations.
Of course, these are just a small selection of potential profession, you could have a look into.

Skills for Remote-Working

One thing to consider is that remote working is not for every type of person. It has its benefits but also its own issues. That’s why you need to ask yourself what kind of person are you, what are your needs and what would you need to change to become a remote worker? Below are a few traits that make a successful remote worker:
Flexibility is a big trait that can help you succeed in the remote working world. You need to be able to adapt to different environments while traveling or at home if you live with other roommates together. There are various scenarios for various types of remote working, but it is clear that flexibility helps you get further and successfully overcome challenges.
Another important trait is to be motivated! Especially with remote work, you don’t have an office you go to and work, but you choose your office and if you are working on your own, then you can even choose your working hours. This can be a great benefit but can also become an issue of delaying tasks or getting distracted by other things. That is why it is important to be motivated and choose work that you enjoy doing.
Connected to the trait before, it is also good that you are organized and structured, so you can keep ahead of your to-do list and reach your goals. Without a clear structure or action plan, you can get lost in overworking and not finishing the tasks you need to, and bring your company or your work for-ward.
Another great trait and often overlooked is, to be patient. There will be times you will fail, be successful, will not be motivated or be super energetic. Just be patient and stay solution-orientated, to master your work and goals.
Depending on your personality and needs, you can of course, select different traits that you think are important to make yourself successful.

Companies that Hire

Listed below are a few websites that are looking for remote workers all around the world.
Remote Working is the future and it is all up to you if you want to step into the world or not.
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