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It is of pivotal importance to improve and hone our employability skills. The virtual internship program that CoXplore provides encompasses multiple opportunities to empower students to navigate their international career. This program is conducted remotely, breaking pass international barriers. Expect to work with colleagues, partners, and clients with diverse global backgrounds.

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About Us

CoXplore is a remote company that assists businesses and individuals with remote management mainly through educational services like training, coaching and hosting mentorship programs for students whereby hundreds of connections were made between students and mentors during our programs. In addition, CoXplore also provides services such as access to remote workspaces and retreats. 

From being a small remote company in Vietnam with the vision of empowering remote work, to the international network of global partners we have today, CoXplore has expanded and made remote working easier for many organizations and individuals to adapt in the pandemic. From the services we offer to the coaches on-board, partners involved, we strive to empower remote working and make the lives of remote workers easier. 

We believe in productivity, collaboration, diversity, creativity, community, and sustainability. 

At CoXplore, we believe remote work is the future of work. With more responsibilities on our shoulders and technological advancement, we should be able to work and learn remotely from anywhere and at any time. Workspaces should not be geographically limited and should instead shift online to limitless boundaries.

CoXplore has a flat hierarchy, and everyone is welcoming,  friendly, and supportive. Thus, there is no need to be afraid of making mistakes or shy to ask any questions. There are two weekly virtual check-in as well as check-out meetings for student reflection and mentorship. Interns and students get the opportunity to work on real-world projects and challenges to learn through doing. As a result, no one is left behind in our organization.

Additionally, CoXplore understands and cares about students physical and mental health, therefore ensuring that the workload assigned is manageable.

Day In The Life of a Virtual Intern

Here are some student interns who have joined our virtual internship program (VIP). The videos explain the job scopes and reflect the life of a remote intern here at CoXplore.

Job Openings

For more information regarding our Virtual Internship Program for students, head over to our LinkedIn page, careers page and X-academy to learn more about what we do!

  1. Plan and Create content on our social media pages (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn); website, and blog
  2. Design marketing collaterals and promotional materials for publicity of products and services
  3. Frequently update all marketing channels to drive continuous engagement with the audiences (via social media postings, blog updates etc.)
  4. Coordinate PR projects alongside the CEO (Personal branding, blogging activities, and social media engagement for Asia’s Nomad)
  5. Seeding
  1. Maintaining company media channels and engagement to boost online visibility for our brands
  2. Editing, designing, uploading, maintaining company’s media channels for mass consumption and press release
  3. Assist in mass and interpersonal communication with third party, press, potential partners of the company. Both internal and external
  4. Competition research on similar media channels about products and/or contents on the same field
  5. Assist in the development of contents and media concepts for products and services of the company
  1. Assist in the launch and development of new products and services of the company across a wide range of projects, from setting up new spaces to developing digital products and international events 
  2. Support the CEO in ensuring smooth execution of the experience for all stakeholders,
  3. Support the sales and business development team in growing the company’s database,
  4. Execute sales and marketing plans for new product releases and customer acquisition
  5. Work closely with the CEO to activate sales channels, track results, and optimize conversion rates

Execute lead generation by regular researching, contacting new partners, collaborators or customers for business development.

  1. Work directly with the supervisor/CEO to develop and implement future media & branding concepts, and communication partners.
  2. Support CEO and the team with affiliation and advertising activities on company’s operational activities  websites, and social media
  3. Operate Database daily and update the company HR files (intern/coach/mentors) related documents
  4. Research for potential/current lead partners, Scout (intern/coach/mentors) CV and compile the information to the company’s database
  5. Creation of graphic content for social media promotion (proposal, pitch deck and portfolio)
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