Press Release: Vietnam Silicon Valley x CoXplore - Investment Signing Ceremony

Press Release: Vietnam Silicon Valley x CoXplore – Investment Signing Ceremony

28 September 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam – Vietnamese startup CoXplore launched a mobile app on Saturday that empowers knowledge workers to work remotely, anywhere, surrounded by the places and communities that inspire them. Female-led CoXplore received local and foreign investment to build and launch the app, which aims to make Asia the global hub for location-independent work.

The public soft-launch app event was held at Toong coworking space on Saturday, 28th September 2019, in Hanoi – Vietnam.
The CoXplore app was developed to ease the lives of global entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, help them become location-independent professionals, or “digital nomads” as they are often called, by providing on-demand access to quality coworking spaces, work-friendly cafes and other relevant retreat experiences for our communities in Asia, to optimise work productivity away from home. Event participants were the first to experience and test the CoXplore app through activities at the launch event. The “live” functions of the app demonstrated at the event aims to provide users a first-hand experience. 
“We chose to launch our app in an interactive way, with invited guests who had signed up on our site over the past weeks. Everybody has been anticipating the release of our app, and I am pleased to bring it to life in this way, to get immediate feedback from our early adopters,” CoXplore’s millennial CEO Ms. Huong Nguyen told reporters. 
The event also hosted a panel  entitled “Tech Meets Tourism – Empowering Global Entrepreneurs 4.0” joined by investors and industry experts from Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator (VSVA), Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism (MIST) Accelerator, and Women’s Initiative for Start-ups and Entrepreneurship (WISE).
“Tomorrow’s workforce will work wherever it is most efficient and effective to work, whether that is a place that inspires creativity and focus, offers connectivity to valuable networks, makes long business trips more palatable, or helps manage costs. It is exciting to see a dynamic company like CoXplore from a country like Vietnam take the lead in accelerating the future of work,” said Jason Lusk of Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism, an accelerator program led by the 6-government Mekong Tourism Coordinating office with Asian Development Bank and Australian Government support.  
“I’ve witnessed CoXplore taking the lead to make it easier for remote workers to travel and work anywhere. As a tool to support mobile workers, CoXplore app will help the many remote-workers in our programs,” Asian Development Bank Innovation Consultant and Director Emeritus – Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism, Mr Jason Lusk stated in an interview.
According to reports from Forbes, the newest demographic, “millennials” now travel more and further than past generations, they value once-in-a-lifetime experiences, shareable moments and living life to the fullest. Their habits are being supported by fast growing list of innovative, travel-focused tech-tools and functional mobile apps.  Investors include Vietnam Silicon Valley partnered with Lotte Accelerator and the Ministry of Science & Technology of Vietnam; accelerated provided by MIST (Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism) and WISE (Women Initiatives for Startups & Entrepreneurs) under initiatives of MBI and Asian Development Bank. In it’s latest funding round, the company aims to expand rapidly across 10 Asia-Pacific countries in the coming months, and is valued at over a million US dollars within a few months of fund-raising in its pre-seeding round. CoXplore was founded by Huong Nguyen, former digital nomad, travel & lifestyle blogger on, and Vietnam’s representative of AJWELP – ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurs Linkage Program 2019, organized in Malaysia by Japan Tourism Center, SME Corps and the Government of Malaysia. The millennial female founder is determined to help other travelers become financially and location independent by introducing new technology and services including retreat experiences to the local and regional market. 

About CoXplore 

CoXplore is a travel-tech startup that helps users travel and work anywhere by leveraging mobile technology to reveal great locations for members to easily locate, quickly check-in, and productively work.

With early beginnings as a community project to enable youth to work and travel easier, CoXplore transformed from a micro-grant funded business to a million-dollar valued travel-tech startup in Asia. 

The women-led and founded Vietnamese travel startup is invested by Vietnam Silicon Valley (partnered with Lotte Accelerator and the Ministry of Science & Technology), and has been accelerated by MIST (Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism) and WISE (Women Initiatives for Startups & Entrepreneurs) – both under initiatives of MBI and Asian Development Bank. CoXplore was the only representative of Vietnam under ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurs Linkage Program (AJWELP).

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