Guide to Traveling & Working in Vietnam - VCX 2019

Guide to Traveling & Working in Vietnam – VCX 2019

Planning to traveling and working in Vietnam long term as a location-independent professional expat or digital nomad? Find our guide below.
  1. Visa to Vietnam
In addition to the traditional way of applying for Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival which is applied online is offered as an alternative for those who enter Vietnam by air and do not wish to either visit the Vietnam Embassy or send their passports away by post. This way of application is especially beneficial for those living far from the Vietnam Embassy. With Vietnam visa on arrival, you will get approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration as an official permission to enter Vietnam, and then get visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam. How Vietnam visa on arrival works?
  • Step 1: You go to Apply Online Page , fill in the secure form, and make payment of service fee.
  • Step 2: Wait for 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email.
  • Step 3: Print the approval letter out together with the entry and exit form.
  • Step 4: Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport check-in counter by presenting your visa approval letter, passport, 2 passport-sized photos, entry and exit form, and stamping fee to the Immigration Officer.
How much does it cost? To use Vietnam visa on arrival, you are required to pay two kinds of fee. The first one is called Service fee which you pay directly to us upon making online application so that we can contact the Vietnam Immigration Department for processing your Vietnam visa application and then return the visa approval letter to your registered email. The second fee is Stamping fee which you must pay in cash (USD) directly to the Immigration Officer at the Check-in counter at the arrival airport to get visa stamped onto your passport. Following is the detail of Vietnam visa on arrival costs: Currency: USD.
Visa types Service Fee (Cost/person) Stamping Fee (Cost/person)
Normal service Urgent service
1 person 2 persons 3-5 persons 6-9 persons 10 persons
1-month single 21 18.25 17.25 15.25 14 Plus $10 $25.00
3-month single 34 30.25 28.25 25.25 22 Plus $10 $25.00
1-month multiple 26 23.25 22.25 19.25 17 Plus $10 $50.00
3-month multiple _ _ _ _ _ _ $50.00
  Contact us to enquire your visa letter or full-package visa group services.
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